I don't need to be right, I don't need to be right tonight...” - BRE


The story behind the EP

Over the last year, I have been releasing heavily produced tracks, which has been a blast. But I wanted to get back to my roots as a singer songwriter and release an EP that comes from my heart. Two of the songs, 'IDNTBR' and 'Speak Too Soon', have been released before in fully produced versions, but one, '28 (Jansen's Song)' is brand new. My goal with releasing these tracks is to share with you what these songs sound like in their barest form. Be a little bit more vulnerable in this process of making art. All of these vocals are one takes, along with the piano track. I didn't want to be perfect on these songs, I just wanted to share them. 

Don't wanna speak too soon and kill the mood, all I'll say is that I want you...” - BRE

Speak Too Soon

The Produced Tracks