Written: 2015

Writer: BRE

Co-Producers: BRE & Pascal Pahl

Vocal Engineer: Paul Redel

Mastering Engineer: Dale Becker

I don't need to be right, I don't need to be right tonight...” - BRE


The story behind the song

IDNTBR (or I Don't Need to Be Right) is a song that has gone through MANY iterations over the last 7 years to become what it is today. Originally written in 2015 when I was 19 years old, IDNTBR is about valuing your relationship with someone over your desire to win an argument. It's about picking your battles and approaching problems as a team rather than being combative in the attempt to stroke your own ego. But why it was written is a funny story.

At 19, I was in talks with an independent record label. The owner of the label wanted me to sing a song he wrote called "Evil Woman", written about how evil women were for refusing the advances of men. I absolutely refused to sing it, but the label owner was insistent. I told him if I could write a better song in 2 days, could I sing that one instead. He smirked and said fine. I then wrote IDNTBR, which I consider one of the strongest songs I've ever written. The label owner was delighted and said he couldn't wait to record it. I got him excited about the song, and then left his misogynistic ass and his label. I have been saving this song ever since, waiting until it could be done right. I'm so excited to present it to you in it's finished form.

You mean more to me baby, I don't have to win this fight...” - BRE


IDNTBR throughout the years