Welcome to fem-rock

BRE's empowering lyrics, ear-worm melodies, and powerfully unique production makes her a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

Bre Podgorski, known professionally as BRE, is a Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, producer, and performer. In 2012 at 16 years old, she released her debut album under the stage name ‘Breanna Lynn’. Since then, she has released six bodies of work under multiple projects, including two more EPs, a live album, and 3 singles under Breanna Lynn, an album with her band Bre-L, established in 2014, a self produced album under Bre-L, and is currently working on her debut singles under the name BRE.

BRE has enjoyed not only significant streaming success, with Bre-L’s cover of Grimes’ song Oblivion hitting over 2 million plays on Spotify with the band achieving almost 5,000 monthly listeners, but also a thriving career on the stage. Alongside her artist pursuits, BRE works as a professional dueling piano bar player, bringing her high energy, interactive performance style to stages all over the world.

BRE’s writing style has evolved over the decade she has worked as an artist, starting in country pop, moving to mainstream pop, then alternative rock, singer songwriter, pop/funk, to now a combination of all of those genres under culminating into pop-rock under her new project. Described as ‘fem-rock’, BRE’s work is a mix of the crooning melodies of Florence and the Machine, the powerful instrumentation of Demi Lovato, and the voice of Haley Williams. The theme throughout her discography is centered around empowerment, self awareness, and hope, as she uses her music as a a reflection of her own personal growth.

Twelve years in the making, BRE is only just getting started, bringing her unique production skills, her undeniable stage presence, and powerhouse voice to the world.