The Revolution

Written: 2013, Revised in 2022

Writer/Producer: BRE

Mixer and Assistant Producer: Carlos Gallardo-Candia

Vocal Engineer: Paul Redel

Mastering Engineer: Dale Becker

Sampled Choir: 'FIRE' by Katerina Gimon

Guest Musicians: Mike Kindel, Carrie Rappaport

We are the revolution, we are the face of change...” - BRE

The Revolution

The Story behind the song

"In 2013, out of the blue I wrote the chorus to The Revolution. It was so obviously a protest song, but I didn't quite know what it was about. I decided to save the song for when I had a reason to sing it. Fast forward 9 years, Roe V Wade was overturned in a landmark decision by a biased Supreme Court. The outrage I, along with many other woman in the United States felt was palpable. I was so angry that the only way I felt I could express it was by writing music about it. I dug through my old songs, found this song,  and was amazed at how fitting the chorus was to what was happening in our lives. I wrote the verses and the bridge specifically about the lack of separation between church and state and the audacity of a governmental body telling us what WE could do with ours. When the song was finished but before it's release, massive protests broke out in Iran surrounding the murder of  Mahsa Amini by morality police. Again an issue of the lack of separation between church and state. This song is dedicated to every woman who has faced oppression by the government that was created to protect her, and an encouragement that when we stand together, we shall prevail." - BRE

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The Supreme Court Justices who voted to overturn Roe V. Wade, Alito, Kavenaugh, Thomas, Gorsuch, Barrett

We are the generation that defines the modern age....” - BRE

The Revolution

The Revolution Artwork

We are the rebel soldiers, we'll fight this battle well...” - BRE

The Revolution

The Revolution Lyrics

Land of the free 

Don’t look like it to me 

When you sign us into silence 

Your faith comes first 

your blessing is our curse 

And you swear our choice is violence 

We are never backing down 

We are taking back our ground 

We are the revolution 

We are the face of change 

We are the generation the defines the modern age 

We are the rebel soldiers 

We’ll fight this battle well 

Where it goes heaven knows 

But we are here to raise some hell 

The polls are high  

Don’t matter who will die  

Cause you won’t be affected  

The will of man  

No before or after plan  

Just as long as you’re elected  

We are knocking down your door  

You are going to hear us roar  


1 and 2 and 3 and 4  

You aint seen us like this before  

You got strength but we got more  

7 8 and 9 and 10  

We aint doing this shit again  

We’ll fight until the very end