I'd rather be alone, than staring at my phone...” - BRE

— Rather Be Alone

The story behind the song

Have you ever just gotten sick of dating? Trying to find 'the one' and having to wade through an ocean of assholes to get there? This song was born from that feeling. 

Here's what happened: I had met a guy and we started going out. We were seeing each other for a couple weeks and things were going well, until the communication started to fizzle. I asked what was up, he denied that anything was going on, the he was just busy. And then *POOF* he disappeared.

I think many of us can relate, and this is certainly not the first time something like this happened. But for some reason, it was the straw that broke the camels back. I decided then and there that, though my heart would always be open for the possibility of love, I wasn't going to get hung up on people that didn't treat me the way I deserved to be treated. Cause honestly, I'd rather be alone!

Rather be alone, BRE
I'd rather know than wonder if I'll spend the night alone...” - BRE

Rather Be Alone

Music Video

I created this music video to convey the joy that comes from connecting with yourself as a person outside of a romantic relationship. Made to be like the Ultimate Girls Night, this video is a joyful reminder that even if you're single, you're not alone when you have your friends by your side!

Cause if you don't expect a call, then it don't hurt at all...” - BRE

Rather Be Alone


The Remix