Monster in Your Head: 5 Ways to Overcome the Inner Critic

Hey there, folks! Welcome to another episode of the Monster in My Head Show. I'm BRE, and today, I'm thrilled to announce the release of my song, Monster in My Head, which you can listen to here.

But before we dive into that, let's talk about the inspiration behind this track, which is all about how to conquer the monster in our minds.

The Monster in My Head is all about grappling with the inner voice that constantly berates you, labeling you as a failure, not good enough, or generally highlighting your shortcomings. It's that relentless voice that can make life feel like an inescapable nightmare. I wanted to share a few tools I have developed over the years that has helped me overcome this voice in case they are helpful for you!



Five Tips to Overcome the Monster in Your Head


1.Deal With Your Self-Talk

  • When you're dealing with an overly self criticizing inner voice, try to imagine yourself as the child you used to be 
  • Challenge the negative inner voice by asking if you would say those things to your younger self, and if what it's saying has any basis of truth for that child
  • If the answer is no, discard the words of the inner voice, look at each point it was trying to make, and speak truth instead. What would you say to that child in this situation?

This will help you treat yourself with more kindness, recognizing when your thoughts are coming from the self critic or from your true self.

2. Change Your Definition of Success

  • Redefine success in a way that focuses on internal growth rather than external achievements.
  • Make sure your goals are centered on things you can control, such as:
    • How much you can learn
    • Controlling your actions
    • Regulating your self talk
  • Once you start feeling successful internally, you can then set external goals from a place of abundance rather than desperation

Operating in this way will allow you to have lower stakes because no matter what happens outside of you, you will feel successful internally

3. Detach Yourself from a Timeline

  • Challenge societal expectations and timelines. WHY do you have to hit certain milestones by certain ages?
  • Understand that everyone's life unfolds at its unique pace. There is no ‘normal’, though our culture likes to tell us there is in order to sell us on products and services to help maintain it.
  • Your life is your life, and whatever pace want it to go at is completely valid

By detaching from made up timelines, you can remove the pressure and shame from your shoulders in order to figure out what you actually want and where you want to go.

4. Recognize that Hustle Culture is Bullshit

  • Reject the idea that relentless hard work is the only path to success. People who sell it are usually selling you something.
  • Work to find balance between pursuing goals and taking care of your well-being. A career that drains you of all energy and time to build into other areas of your life is not successful, no matter how much money it makes you.
  • Think about what you hope to see when you look back at your life from your death bed. What are the things that will matter most then? Invest in those things sustainably.

Think about what it looks like to prioritize sustainable success in all areas of your life, rather than chasing the carrot of monetary and status-based success to the exclusion of everything else.

5. View Life as an Adventure, Not a Journey

  • Shift the perspective on your life from being one of aiming for the end result of a journey to the joy of exploration in an adventure
  • When you see life as a journey, it can be easy to try to rush through each day to get to your goal, which we always think will make us happy, but rarely does for long
  • An adventure on the other hand is an experience where you take joy in each day and wake up excited to see what will happen next
  • This will allow for a more sustainably joyful life

The idea is to find joy in the process of growth and self-discovery rather than fixating on reaching predetermined destinations.

Hopefully these tips have been helpful for you - feel free to listen to the entire episode below, and don't forget to stream ‘Monster in My Head’!

Listen to ‘Monster In My Head’ :

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